Terms and Conditions


Candidate tenant means any person who responds to accommodation for which Find a House mediates. The tenant means any person who has accepted the conditions for renting a specific home orally or in writing.

Living accommodation means any living accommodation for which Find a House mediates on behalf of an owner / landlord or offers for rental on behalf of fellow brokers.

The offered living space is mediated on behalf of the landlord.

By responding to the accommodation offered, a prospective tenant automatically registers with Find a House.

A viewing of a living space by the prospective tenant is always without obligation and free of charge. This inspection will only take place after the prospective tenant has provided the necessary information.

If, after viewing, a prospective tenant indicates that he wishes to qualify for renting the accommodation, a letter of intent for rent will be signed.

With the signing of the letter of intent, the prospective tenant undertakes to rent the accommodation, unless the landlord decides not to offer the prospective tenant a lease for any reason. Find a House does not accept any liability for this choice of the owner / landlord.

If the prospective tenant qualifies for housing for which a permit is required, obtaining this permit is at the expense and risk of the prospective tenant himself.

All offers of accommodation made by Find a House, both written and verbal, are without obligation. Candidate-tenant cannot derive any rights from this.

All notices, commitments and offered agreements made by Find a House and its employees are at all times deemed to have been made subject to approval by the landlord and / or owner of the accommodation. Partly due to its dependence on third parties for obtaining information, Find a House cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness and timeliness of the information provided by Find a House.

Find a House is not liable for the way in which the landlord, after the conclusion of a lease, fulfills its obligations or not. The prospective tenant must always contact the landlord directly. Candidate-tenant indemnifies Find a House against all claims for damage of the owner / landlord and / or third parties in any form.

Find a House is not liable for the consequences of inaccuracies, omissions, nullities or voidability in the lease that are the result of incorrect information provided to Find a House by the landlord.

Dutch law applies to all disputes between prospective tenant and Find a House.

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